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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The house should be sterilized to keep the baby healthy.

 Keep your children sterile
Model: Sabila Charlize Sajjad

The house should be sterilized to stay the baby healthy. during this way, the system of youngsters is extremely weak. As a result, children should be shielded from germs. It helps them stay healthy. Therefore, before the newborn arrives, you want to clean your home, also as all members of the household, to stay clean.

1. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, anything that needs to be cleansed and various medications kept out of sight and reach of the baby. Use some disinfectant to clean the room, kitchen, and bathroom. Roof, kitchen and floor mats should be kept clean and free of germs. In addition, keep the sink, sink, faucet head, door-door handle clean regularly.

 Keep your children sterile
model: Sonali

2. Keeping the shoes indoors can allow a lot of bacteria and germs to enter the room. Even so, tell guests in the room to actually put their shoes out.
3. The more air circulation in the room, the better the air circulation. Which is especially important for your baby's body. Therefore, air circulation of the
4. Many spread vegetables in the kitchen. It increases fish infestation and spreads diseases through it. To limit the spread of bacteria, use raw disinfectant to cook raw fish, meat. Also, it is important to clean the kitchen table with a broom or a piece of cloth. Clean your kitchen daily with disinfectant.

5. A bathroom is a place full of germs in the house. So every corner of the bathroom needs to be cleaned or disinfected. Always use a bathroom sleeper whenever you use the bathroom.
6. Gloves should always be used when cleaning furniture or dusting. Because the skin is very sensitive after pregnancy. Therefore, cleaning things with empty hands can cause irritation. In addition, if your hands are not properly cleaned, there may be a risk of transferring germs from your hand to the baby's body if you hold the baby in that hand.

7. Not only do you need to wash the dishes, keep them thoroughly clean. Only, not all can be dirty through the water. So, wipe them with a clean cloth. Besides, always clean the clothes with which you clean the house or clothes that are used in the kitchen. Many germs are killed in sunlight. With these, you can protect your baby from germs. Even the toys or other things that children play with should be clear.

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