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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Martinez not eligible to play alongside Messi: Neymar: Rivaldo

Luthero Martinez is not capable of playing alongside Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Rivaldo feels that Neymar belongs to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Brazil, with Messi playing next to Argentina, not Argentina.
Rivaldo with Messi, Neymar and Suarez

Brazilian legend Rivaldo has played more than two hundred and fifty matches in Jersey for almost five years. In a bid to boost the Catalan team's strength during the season 2021-27, efforts are being made to recruit Martinez from PSG to Neymar and Inter. Such news has been spread for several days. Rivaldo recently wrote a column on a website called Betfair. He put Neymar, 25, ahead of 22-year-old Martinez.

“There are rumors that Barcelona will want to see Neymar and Loutaro Martinez in the squad next season. Young Argentine is a very good player. I think Neymar deserves to play in the best XI with Messi. ”

Referring to stars like Usmana Dembele, Tito Griezmann, Rivaldo said, "We have seen for many years that many great players with Messi can't even come off. They failed to match their expectations. On the other hand, there are few players like Neymar-Luiz Suarez in the world who can handle the pressure even when down the field. They have been able to identify their own caste. "

Rivaldo, who won the World Cup for Brazil in 2012, thinks that Neymar should think about the new season without considering Martinez. 'Neymar has never been afraid to go down the field. So the club should give him a priority. Martinez is young. He is talented forward. But after two or three years you can get a good team. So I think Bar বারa should just think about Neymar. '
Neymar Massey and Martinez
Neymar, who left Paris in surprise after winning a Champions Trophy, two La Liga and three Copa del Rey for Barca. Martinez, on the other hand, joined the Internet in the 21st and spreading self-esteem. He has already made several appearances with Messi in the Argentina national squad.

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