Sonalika Tractor Down Payment - Sonalika Tractor Price list 2021

Sonalika Tractor is a popular tractor in Bangladesh. Sonalika Tractor Update Price List 2021 and Sonalika Tractor Down Payment are discussed below.

Sonalika Tractor Down Payment
sonalika tractor

Sonalika Tractor Price list 2021:


Model Name

TP Price

DP Price


Sonalika DI 35  H Supreme




Sonalika DI 35 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 45 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 48 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 750  Supreme




Sonalika DI 50 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 52 Max




Sonalika 55 All-Rounder Supreme




Sonalika DI 60 RX  Supreme




Sonalika DI 60 RX Tiger




Sonalika DI 75 RX Tiger



Sonalika Tractor Price list  2021
sonalika tractor price list 2021

Sonalika Tractor Down Payment Facility:

ACI Motors offers 30% down payment on the actual price of the tractor. Then there is the benefit of 30 months installment. The company will not charge any interest if all the money is paid within six months.

About Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika tractor One of the leading brands in the industry. Sonalika tractors are now widely used in all countries. Sonalika tractors are marketed in all countries of India. These tractors are low in price so farmers are buying easily. There are different models of Sonalika tractors. Which have models based on horsepower. A few models are still working in Bangladesh. Such as 50 RX, 55 Rx, 60Rx, DI 730, DI35, DI45, Tiger 60Max, tiger 75 Max. Sonalika tractors are used by the farmers of Bangladesh for various purposes. This tractor can be used for various purposes. This tractor is input from ACI MOTORS Limited. Sonalika offers a wide range of tractor models at an economical price. Sonalika tractors always produce tractors according to the needs of the farmers and the price of Sonalika tractors in Bangladesh is also very low. Popular Sonalika tractors in Bangladesh are Sonalika Supreme 35, Sonalika Tiger 60 Max, RX, Sonalika DI35, and many more. It is discussed below.

Land Cultivation:

Farmers mostly use 50Rx, DI55 model for cultivating the land. These tractors can run everywhere and Tiger 60 Max 75 Max These tractors cannot run everywhere.

Sand transport:

Sonalika tractor farmers use a lot in sand transport. DI60, Rx60, All-rounder 55 Rx models are being used in sand transport. Because farmers prefer these models as oil consumption.

Brick transport:

Sonalika tractors are very popular in brick kilns. Sonalika tractors are one of the means of transporting sand, soil, and bricks in brick kilns. Sonalika tractors are now available in all districts.

In the end, it can be said that farmers all over the world are attaching great importance to Sonalika tractors for cultivating the only land. So the importance of the Sonalika tractor is immense.

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