sonalika tiger 60 price

Sonalika Tiger 60 Max is a very useful tractor for land cultivation and transportation. Sonalika tractor is manufactured in Punjab, India. India exports all over the world. As a result, the country earns foreign exchange. The demand for Sonalika Tiger 60 Max is also high in India. Sonalika Tiger 60 Max Tractor is one of the products of any country. Land can be cultivated very easily with this tractor.

Sonalika Tiger 60 Max
Sonalika Tiger 60 Max

Investment and profit calculation in Sonalika tractor



Farming Tractor (3 months or one season calculation)

Transport tractor (9 months or one season calculation)

Digital / Li: (65 tk.)

60 litters

25 litters


2 people

4 people


1 day

1 day


Daily cost calculation


Diesel cost



Labor costs






Total cost




Income calculation


Total income per day



Earnings per day excluding all expenses.



Total income in one season



Sonalika Tiger 60 Price

Price in Bangladesh: 

What is Sonalika Tiger 60 Max Tractor used for? 
That is discussed below.

Land Cultivation:

Farmers mostly use 60 Rx, a DI55 model for cultivating the land. These tractors can run everywhere and Tiger 60 Max 75 Max These tractors cannot run everywhere.

Sand Transport:

Sonalika tractor farmers use a lot in sand transport. DI60, Rx60, and All-rounder 55 Rx models are being used in sand transport. Because farmers prefer these models for oil consumption.

Brick Transport:

Sonalika tractors are very popular in brick kilns. Sonalika tractors are one of the means of transporting sand, soil, and bricks in brick kilns. Sonalika tractors are now available in all districts.

Special features of Sonalika Tiger 60 Max tractor

1. Modern steering:
Easier to drive a tractor.

2. Comfortable and spacious platform: 
Large space facilitates all work.

3. Projection headlights:
Easier to navigate in dim light.

4. Stylish Look and Aerodynamic Bobby: 
Modern Speed ​​and Best Performance.

5. Digital Instrument Cluster:
Sophisticated monitoring facility.

6. HDM engine: 
More powerful and oil-efficient engine.

7. High Ground Clearance: 
Isle of land and diversion can be easily crossed.

8. Modern hydraulic system: 
Capable of modern control and lifting heavy loads.

9. HS-HT Gearbox: 
High speed and backup torque.

10. Heat Protector Shield: 
Protects from engine heat.

Advantages of Sonalika Tractors

2000 hours or 24 months warranty and free service and 30% down payment from original cash.

In the end, it is often said that farmers everywhere on the planet are attaching great importance to Sonalika tractors for cultivating the sole land. therefore the importance of the Sonalika tractor is immense.

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