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Saturday, June 27, 2020

ACI Power Tiller is a very popular machine in Bangladesh. ACI power tillers are also very popular in other countries. There are all types of ACI power tiller models. There are several models of ACI Power Tiller. ACI Power Tiller Classic. ACI Power Tiller R24. ACI Power Tiller R28. ACI Power Tiller Regular.ACI Motors always holds a fixed priceAll these power tillers are available in all the districts of Bangladesh.

 aci power tiller R24-aci power tiller R28-fixed price
aci power tiller

What is ACI Power Trailer?

ACI Motors is a single-cylinder diesel-powered engine with 3 wheel rubber imported from China. Is the ACI power tiller.

How many types of power trailers do ACI Motors import?

In the primary class format, there are two types of ACI power trailers.

Regular model

Regular model refers to power tillers imported early on, The only way to know for sure is to see the power tiller in gray and red.
aci power tiller R24-aci power tiller R28-fixed price
aci power tiller regular

It is powered by a variety of engines such as, By 12 HP engine, 16 HP, 20 HP, 25 HP engines.

Classic power trailer  

Classic power tiller means the engine that is currently combined with the blue-gray color of the Sai Fing power tiller is the classic power tiller.
Which are powered by the engine of different models. Which has been discussed above.

aci power tiller R24-aci power tiller R28-fixed price
aci classic power tiller 

According to the model again 3 types

  • The first 18 blades.
  • Second 24 blades.
  • Third 28 blades.

The first 18 blades.

With the first 18 blades, you can plow using a regular or classic 12 HP or 16 HP engine. Fuel and time-saving engine.

Second 24 blades.

The second 24 blade 20 HP engine is used.

aci power tiller R24-aci power tiller R28-fixed price
aci power tiller R24

Technical Parameters

 Aci Power Tiller Model R24
 Engine Model ZS 1110 NL-GL
 Type Single Cylinder Dual Purpose {Traction and Drive} 
 Overall Dimension L ,X ,W ,X ,H  2950x980x1240 MM
 Length of Steering Lever 255 MM
 Minimum Ground Clearance210MM
 Working Weight with Rotary Tiller  560KG

Third 28 blades.

The third 28 blades are powered by a 25 HP fuel-efficient engine.

Types of service

With the purchase of a power tiller, you will get one the spot 6-hour service. Assurances that no company has or will be able to give in the past or yet.

Does the service have a call center?

16509 call centers are open 24 hours a day. 6 hours to ensure service.

You can watch this video if you want to know all the details about ACI Power Tiller.

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