Combine harvester price in Bangladesh

ACI Motors company is bringing various agricultural equipment to the farmers, which are given to the farmers of Bangladesh at very low prices and with government subsidies. 50% government subsidy in the general area and 70% in the haor area only. Due to this farmers can easily buy agricultural machinery. Therefore, in the development of agriculture in Bangladesh, the government of Bangladesh is trying to improve agriculture in a big way. To this end, ACI Motors is cooperating with various agricultural machinery farmers.

Yanmar Harvester Ag600

Special Features of Yanmar Harvester:

  • Automatic feeding depot system.
  • Can be handled very easily.
  • The eco-diesel engine rotates automatically.
  • Three drums and three fans complete the threshing system.
  • Selection can be adjusted.
  • Dust Delivery Controller.
  • Automatic wind volume can be controlled.
  • There are 6 special sensors or alarms.

General Features of Yanmar Harvester:

  1. Yanmar diesel engine with 70 horsepower
  2. There are 6 special sensors that prevent unwanted engine breakdown.
  3. It takes one hour to harvest, thresh, thresh and pack one acre of paddy and wheat and it consumes 10 to 12 liters of fuel.
  4. After harvesting the paddy remains whole.
  5. The tank can hold up to 600 kg.
  6. Suitable for both dry and muddy soils.
  7. Assurance of full-time after-sales service spare parts and driver training.

Combine harvester prices in Bangladesh:

YANMAR Combine Harvester AG 600 is available with a government subsidy, the price at government subsidy: 

1. Yanmar Combine Harvester Tank Type Smart Assist Remote (SAR) with 70% (for haor and coastal areas) subsidized at Tk. 11,40,000 and 50% subsidized at Tk. 17,00,000. 

2. Yanmar Combine Harvester Bag Type Smart Assist Remote (SAR) with 70% subsidy (for haor and coastal areas) at Tk. 9,40,000 and 50% subsidy at Tk. 15,00,0

Headquarters of the ACI Motors Sales Team: 

  • Panchagarh district, Phone number: 01704123943
  • Dinajpur district, Phone number: 01730024495
  • Nilphamari district, Phone number: 01730024390
  • Gaibandha district, Phone number: 01709656845
  • Lalmonirhat district, Phone number: 01719993081 
  • joypurhat district,  Phone number: 01709656885
  • Sirajganj district, Phone number: 01700767936
  • Nature district,  Phone number: 01713053060 
  • Naogaon district, Phone number: 01714173329
  • Chapai Nawabganj District, Phone number: 01713053261
  • Khulna district, Phone number: 01755534987
  • Chuadanga district, Phone number: 01730024256
  • Magura district, Phone number: 01713053312
  • Gopalganj District, Phone number: 01713053061
  • Barguna District, Phone number: 01704114201
  • Bhola District, Phone number: 01755582626
  • Sunamganj District, Phone number:  01730028461
  • Habiganj District, Phone number: 01700767950
  • Sherpur District, Phone number: 01713053288
  • Netrokona District, Phone number: 01700768046
  • Jamalpur District, Phone number: 01708467514
  • Munshiganj District, Phone number: 01708463006
  • Manikganj District, Phone number: 01700702211
  • Kishoreganj District, Phone number: 01714162185
  • Brahmanbaria District, Phone number: 01708463007
  • Chandpur District, Phone number: 01755582620
  • Feni District, Phone number: 01704114200
  • Noakhali District, Phone number: 01755608490

Smart Assist Remote System (SAR)

Benefits available:

  1. Having GPS allows the machine to be tracked from anywhere.
  2. How many hours the harvester has been running can be seen sitting at home.
  3. Can be protected from theft.
  4. The machine signals when it is time for periodic service.
  5. Gives a signal in case of a sudden electrical problem. 
  6. Able to measure land size very easily.

Yanmar Harvester Ag600

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