Kobelco excavator price in Bangladesh

ACI Motors Limited ACI Motors provides the best solution of quality machinery for your valued construction works. Currently, we are offering you the world's leading brands- KOBELCO, CASE, LOVOL, and ESCORTS. We also have gu efficient service network all over Bangladesh to ensure you the best quality service in the shortest possible time which we consider our core commitment to our valued customers. 

ACI Limited is one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh. In 1992 ICI Ple divested its shareholding through a management buyout and the company name was changed from ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited to Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited and the journey of ACa Limited started. AC has diversified into four major strategic business divisions which include Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands, Agribusinesses, and Logistics. 

AÇI Motors was established in November 2007 with the aim of reducing ever-increasing costs of crop production and the consistent scarcity of field labor by providing complete farm mechanization solutions. ACI Motors plays a vital role in reducing the cost of production and ensuring the best output of farmers' efforts by providing modern agriculture machinery to them. According to the farmer's needs. AC Motors provides them with machinery like Sonalika brand Tractors from India, own ACI brand Power Tillers, Diesel Engines and Pumps from China, Deadong brand Combine Harvesters & Rice Transplanters from South Korea, ACI Reaper made by Kubota technology from Vietnam, Sicma brand Rotavator from Italy ACI Motors has earned the trust of farmers quickly by providing them with high-quality products at an affordable price and appropriate credit facilities with best after-sales service within 6 hours, anytime and anywhere in Bangladesh. In addition to that, ACI Motors is the biggest supplier of high-quality agricultural machinery to government, national and international projects with the highest satisfaction. ACI Motos obtained the dealership of YAMAHA Motorcycles in 2016. 

ACI Motors has set footprint in the Earth-Moving Machine Industry of Bangladesh since 2014, and represents one of the world's leading full-line construction equipment manufacturers "Case Construction Equipment Then in 2016 ACI Motors Ltd. brought the world's Best Pick & Carry Crane from "Escorts Construction Equpren United", In the view of representing the full line of Construction Equipment. ACI Motors Introduces C's leading brand Lovol in 2017. Ad Motors confirms the utmost service to its valued customers through g Qualified, experienced, and trained service engineers and all-around service support and spare parts.

The world-famous excavator brand KOBELCO started its journey in Bangladesh with ACI Motors Limited in 2018. KOBELCO has already been trusted as the best quality excavator worldwide for its outstanding built- quality & engine performance. Currently, we are offering different models with unique features and functions to our customers to ensure the best output & performance considering the market demands in Bangladesh. We are also ensuring the best after-sales service & genuine spare parts availability which is helping us all together to become the market leader in the days ahead.

Based on the different models the prices 

Lovol excavator price

Kobelco excavator price in Bangladesh


  • Technical Specifications: 

  1. Engine Made: MITSUBISHI D04FR (Japan)
  2. Engine Type: Direct Injection, Water-cooled, 4 Cylinders,4-Cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler.
  3. Engine Power99 HP (74 kW)/2000 min (ISO 14396)
  4. Hydraulic Pump & Valve: Kawasaki (Japan) 
  5. Swing & Travel Motor: KOBELCO (Japan). 
  6. Operating Weight: 13,200 kg 
  7. Bucket Capacity: 0.57-0.7 cum (ISO Heaped) 
  8. Hydraulic System: Two variable displacements +1 gear pump 
  9. Overall Arm Length: 7810 mm (2.09 m) 
  10. Travel System: 2X Axial-Piston, Two-Step Motors 
  11. Max. Digging Height: 8.27 m 
  12. Max. Digging Depth: 5.23 m 
  13. Max Digging Reach: 8.04 m 
  14. Swing System: Axial Piston Motor 
  15. Swing Speed: 11.0 m (rpm)           
  16. Shoe Width: 500 mm 
  17. Ground Clearance: 440 mm 
  18. Bucket digging force: 89.2 kN (9.1)  
  19. Fuel Tank Capacity: 275 L 
  20. Engine Oil: 18.5 L.

Key Features : 

  • Superior Fuel Efficiency with 10% Saving in fuel consumption 
  • Stable attachment strength 
  • Heavy-Duty track pins, Stronger casing for travel motor 
  • Next-Generation Electronic Engine Control 
  • Comfortable "On the Ground" Maintenance 
  • Highly Durable Super-Fine Filter 
  • Spacious & Comfortable AC Cab with plenty of Foot Room 
  • Newly Designed Multi-Functional Information Display 
  • Remote Monitoring with GEOSCAN.


Technical Specifications:
  1. Engine Made: HINO JOSETA (Japan) 
  2. Engine Type: Direct Injection, Water-cooled. 4 Cylinder, 4-Cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, Intercooler 
  3. Engine Power158HP (118 kW)/2000 min (ISO 14396) 
  4.  Hydraulic Pump & Valve: Kawasaki (Japan) 
  5. Swing & Travel Motor: KOBELCO (Japan) 
  6. Operating Weight: 21,800 kg(SK 220 XD), 22,800 kg (SK 220 XD LC) 
  7. Overall Length of 4180 mm (SK 220 XD)
  8. Crawler: 4460 mm (SK 220 XDLC)
  9. Overall Width of 2800 mm (SK 220 XD) 
  10. Crawler: 2990 mm (SK 220 XDLC) 
  11. Bucket Capacity: 0.93-1.2 cum (ISO Heaped) 
  12. Hydraulic System: Two variable displacements +1 gear pump 
  13. Max Digging Reach: 9.42 m (2.4 m)/9.9m (2.94m) 
  14. Max. Digging Height: 9.51 m (2.4 m)/9.72 m (2.94 m) 
  15. Max. Digging Depth: 6.16 m (2.4 m)/6.7 m (2.94 m) 
  16. Travel System: 2X Axial-Piston, Two-Step Motors 
  17. Shoe Width: 600 mm, 800 mm (Optional) 
  18. Overall Arm Length: 9.68 m (2.4 m)/9.6 m (2.94 m)       
  19. Swing System: Axial Piston Motor
  20. Swing Speed: 13.3 m (rpm)
  21. Bucket Digging Force: 143 kN 
  22. Travel Shoes: 46 on Each Side 
  23. Drawbar Pulling Force: 228 kN (ISO 7464) 
  24. Fuel Tank Capacity: 320 L 
  25. Engine Oil: 20.5 L.

Kobelco excavator price in Bangladesh

Key Features : 

  • Bucket with Hardox Steel Plate 
  • Higher Force & Productivity 
  • Stronger & Bigger Buckets for increased Productivity and Service Life 
  • More effective Air-Conditioning and Air Compression for a Dust-Free Cabin environment 
  • New Multi-Functional Color Display with advanced features 
  • Operator control levers require 38% less effort.


Head Office:
Sales Support: 01714163304, 01708144593


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