ACI Harvester BD Price

There are different types of harvesters in Bangladesh. I will discuss some of the features of this ACI harvester which is one of the harvesters of ACI.

Harvester types:

1. ACI Yanmar Harvester price ag600 3600000/-
2. ACI Mini Harvester.
3. ACI Reaper.

01. ACI Yanmar Harvester:?

ACI Harvester BD Price
Yammer harvester ag600

aci harvester bd price
aci combine harvester -hf 02

This harvester is a Japanese product. This machine uses a diesel-powered engine and a 69-horsepower engine. One of the qualities of this Yanmar harvester is that it can cultivate one acre of land per hour. This harvester again has two types, 1. ACI Yanmar Harvester hf2.

aci harvester bd price
aci Yanmar harvester Ag600ga

2. ACI Yanmar Harvester AG600GA. The hf2 bag type is the harvester. The AG600GA harvester is a tank-type harvester. This tank holds 600 kg of paddy. So this is the product in demand in the harvester market.

Price 2950000/-

2. ACI Mini Combine Harvester:

aci harvester bd price
aci mini combine harvester

This harvester is basically a diesel-powered harvester. Some of the qualities of this harvester are that with this harvester, rice and wheat can be easily threshed and the straw can be laid in rows. That is why this harvester is responding well in the market at first. So this harvester is known as a popular product in the market.

3. ACI Ripper Harvester:

aci harvester bd price
aci reaper harvester

The ACI Reaper Harvester is basically a petrol engine harvester. The ACI Reaper is called Hand Harvester. That is, rice wheat can be harvested on foot with the help of hands. A harvester is a very small product and very useful for moving. So the price of the harvester is less than 1 lakh 70 thousand Taka.

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