Yanmar Harvester Trenig and Safety Guidelines Demo

Today we will discuss the maintenance and direction of the Yanmar harvester. There are different types of harvesters in Bangladesh and ACI Motors is one of them.

yanmar harvester trenig and  Safety Guidelines demo
yanmar harvester trenig

The main parts of the Yanmar harvester:

1. Cutting unit. 
2. Threshing unit. 
3. Auto unloading or agar. 
4 Grain Conveying and Separating Units.
5. Grain reserve tank unit. 
6. Operation unit. 
7. Hydraulic unit. 
8. Engine unit. 
9. Power transmission unit. 
10. Electric unit and sensor. 
11. Chopping unit. 
12. Traveling unit.

Safety guidelines:

1. Wear work clothes. Loose clothing is strictly prohibited for drivers and associates.
2. Does not touch the harvester while driving.

Things to do before starting:

1. Lube oil needs to be checked. Lube oil should be between the minimum level and maximum level.

2. The hydraulic well of the hydraulic tank needs to be checked. OK if the hydraulic level is in the middle. And if it is less, you have to give the amount of hydraulic well.

3. Check the gear oil. OK if the gear oil level is above. If it is low, it has to be filled up to the upper level.

4. Check the fuel level to be filled with diesel if necessary.

5. Check the water level of the radiator. If it is low, the reserve tank should be filled with coolant, river, pond, and rainwater. The use of mineral water and tubal water is strictly prohibited.

6. If there is a line leak of hydraulic and gear oil, it should be stopped.

7. Check the tension of all the belts and chains. If they are too loose or tight, you need to adjust 10 to 12 millimeters.

8. Check the tension of all the chains. If it is too tight or loose, it should be adjusted to two to five millimeters. All gears and cutting blades should be given gear oil. Turn around the machine to see if there is any nut-bolt loose in the machine.

Conditions of operation:

1. Before harvesting, crop type, and field condition should be selected. If there are branches of bamboo twigs on the land, they should be removed.
2. Crop height should be a minimum of 20 inches and a maximum of 48 inches. If the height of the crop is more or less, the cutting table should be adjusted up and down.
3. Harvesting cannot be done in case of rain and fog.
4. Harvesting cannot be done if the amount of mud water in the land is more than 8 inches.
5. The lying paddy should be cut slowly. The paddy should be cut from where it is lying.


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