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Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling! As the proprietor of the Yamaha FZS-FIV3, you're serving from Yamaha's vast experience and newest technology regarding the do- subscribe and manufacture of high-quality products, which have earned Yamaha a character for responsibility. Please take the time to read this home-made thoroughly, to enjoy all advantages of your Yamaha FZS-FI V2. The Proprietor's Manual doesn't only instruct you in how to operate, check and maintain your motorcycle, but also in how to guard yourself and others from trouble and injury. In addition, the numerous tips given in this primer will help keep your motorcycle in the most stylish possible condition.

However, don't vacillate to communicate with your Yamaha dealer, If you have any further questions. The Yamaha platoon wishes you numerous safe and affable lifts. So, remember to put safety first! Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality. Thus, while this primer contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor disagreement between your motorcycle and this primer, If there's any question concerning this primer, please consult a Yamaha dealer. 

Yamaha FZS-FIV3

Service Policy: 

1. PDI Check: The customer must complete all the work through the PDI checklist and supply the motorbike.  The signature of the customer has to be taken to the effect that PDI has been completed.  

2. Registration: DMS registration has to be done correctly as per the rules because it is essential to have customer information online (DMS).  

3. Importance of maintenance: To get the best service from your motorbike, maintenance is very important as per the rules of the owner's manual.  Please read the owner's manual and follow the maintenance rules accordingly.  

4. Free Schedule Service: There are 5 (five) free service coupons offered by ACI Motors in this book (where 4 coupons apply for the Saluto model).  Free service coupons will be performed according to the maintenance schedule of the owner's manual.  Free scheduled service must be received within a specified time, it will not be applicable after the specified time.  

5. Paid Schedule Service: There are 3 (three) paid service coupons offered by ACI Motors in this book.  Paid service coupons will be performed according to the maintenance schedule of the owner's manual.  The customer will pay the charge for the paid service.  

6. Other services: Other services and repairs can be done according to the customer's problem, in which case the service charge has to be paid at a fixed rate.  Accept warranty-free and paid service schedules on time and ensure the safety of your valuable motorbike.  Use octane, and avoid petrol.  |  Only Yamalur Halon Oil - is approved engine oil.

7. Schedule (Free and Paid) Services: Service and Paid Services are performed as per the guidelines of the Owners Manual.  Dealer-wearing technicians will check every checkpoint as per the guidelines, and clean, adjust, change, repair, and oil as required.  Also, be able to solve problems according to the customer's problem.  Report any problem with your motorbike to the dealer service point. 

8. Break-in period: Every motorbike provides the best service for a long time after the sale, i.e. after purchase, if certain rules are followed.  So from the time of purchase of the motorbike to the next 1000-2000 km, do not raise the RPM of your favorite motorbike more than 4000-5000.  Do not accelerate too fast and too often.  Don't forget the speed.  Do not carry an excessive load.  This is because at this time the parts of different parts of the engine are sharp and need to be smooth.  Follow the rules of the Owners Manual.

Yamaha fzs v2


The first 1000 kilometers are very important for your motorbike to give the best service for a long time.  

9.  Fuel: Be sure to use good quality octane.  The only octane is the approved fuel for your motorbike.  A mixture of octane and petrol or adulterated fuel can damage your motorbike or shorten its life by reducing performance and mileage.  So use good quality octane as fuel.  

10.  Safety: Always wear a helmet.  If you read the owner's manual then you will know about the safety of you and the motorbike.  Obey traffic.

11.  Genuine Spare Parts: Non - ACI Motors is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of genuine spare parts.  Use of non-genuine spare parts may void the warranty.  ACI does not guarantee the quality of non-genuine spare parts.  So use genuine spare parts, and walk safely and safely.  

12.  Engine Oil: ACI Motors is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of unapproved or non-genuine engine oil.  Rather, the use of unauthorized or non-genuine engine oil does not warrant a warranty.  The ACI does not provide any assurances regarding the quality of non-approved or non-genuine engine oil.  So use genuine Yamalob engine oil, and walk safely and safely.  

13.  Customer Responsibilities and Duties and Rights: Adhere to the break-in period, so that the best service will be available for a long time.  The property is yours.  You have the right to complete the PDI, complete the registration, and take delivery.  Read the Owners' Manual carefully and be aware of safety and maintenance in that way.  Schedule maintenance and other checkups as per rules.  Use genuine spare parts and engine oil.  Save the book here and present it at the time of taking service.  

ACI Motors is committed to providing the best after-sales service for your Yamaha Motorbike and is working towards that goal.  You can get all the benefits as per the rules of this book.  If you have any valuable opinions, suggestions, complaints, and know more, you can let us know at this address- ACI Motors Limited, Service Department, Yamaha, ACI Center, 245 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.  Hotline number: 09606 or 16533

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