Yamaha fzs v2 price in Bangladesh 2022


Congratulations on behalf of ACI Motors for purchasing a product of the Yamaha brand.  You are now a proud owner of the world-famous Japanese motorbike brand Yamaha Motorbike. Your Yamaha motorbike has been designed and manufactured with the latest and latest technology and engineering. Yamaha Motor-bike Manufacturer is always committed to providing you with high-quality Motorbikes with the best after-sales service.1 With this service and warranty handbook you will be able to know the details about the service and warranty policy of your motorbike.  As well as regular maintenance, your own safety is also discussed in this book.  

I request you to read the whole book. Also, save the book and display the book while taking service and warranty service.  Have a nice walk with the world-famous Yamaha family.

Yamaha FZS v2 price in Bangladesh:

Yamaha FZS V3 price details 

Yamaha fzs v2 price in Bangladesh 2022
Yamaha FZS v2 


Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve.

Displacement: 149cc.

Brake Type: Double disc.

Battery: 12V, 4.0AH (10H), Sealed type.

Fuel tank volume: 12L

Yamaha fzs v2 price in Bangladesh 2022

Warranty policy: 

Warranty of motorbikes supplied by ACI Motors Limited.  Provided by ACI Motors Limited.  In this case, some conditions apply.  Details of the warranty are given below: 

1. Authorized Dealer: Warranty of motorbikes sold only by an authorized dealer is provided.  ACI Motors or its dealers are not obliged to provide any warranty or service for motorbikes sold by any party other than ACI Motors.  

2. Warranty Registration: Only motorbikes sold by authorized dealers need to be registered online (DMS system) by properly filling up the warranty registration form in this book.  Otherwise, warranty registration will not be completed.  Note: The copy of ACI Motors along with the PDI copy of the warranty registration form should be sent to ACI Motors regularly.  A dealer copy should be given to the dealer and a customer copy should be given to the customer along with this book.  

3. Warranty Registration Cancellation: The warranty will be canceled or will not be accepted if any kind of abrasion, tearing, or failure to register properly.  

4. Warranty period: The limited warranty period of your purchased motorbike is 01 (one) year or 12,000 kilometers (whichever comes first).  Which will start from the date of purchase.  The warranty period does not increase or decrease.  With the change of ownership of the motorbike, the next customer can get the remaining warranty period service.  To get the warranty, the customer must receive free scheduled service and paid services from the authorized dealer or service point at the specified time.  In this case, the customer can apply for a warranty by following certain rules and displaying this book.

5. Reasons why the warranty is not applicable: 

  • loss Any damage as a result of repairs in an unauthorized workshop.
  • Using non-genuine spare parts and unauthorized engine oil.
  • In case of any loss due to the customer's negligence or improper maintenance.
  • If used for commercial purposes or racing, in case of any damage due to an accident.
  • In case of any loss due to improper operation of the customer.
  • Customized, modified, and tampered with mechanical or electrical systems.
  • If you tamper with the auto meter or keep its cable open.
  • Warranty will not apply if free services and paid services are not properly received at dealer points or authorized service points as per proper rules.
  • No warranty for accessories is applicable. Warranty and free service without service and warranty handbook are not applicable.

For the above reasons, a warranty will not be applicable to your motorbike. To avoid the above tasks.

6. Warranty Claim Service: If any customer is entitled to a warranty, the service will be provided only through the repair or replacement of parts (whichever is applicable) to solve the problem. In this case, whatever will be applicable, such measures will be taken to solve the problem. In this case, the decision of the company concerned will be considered final.

7. Services that are not covered by warranty services: General repair, engine tune-up, de-carbonization, fuel system cleaning, Dhaka, brake, clutch, and other adjustments are not covered by warranty. Accidental repairs and any repairs to motorbikes that have expired warranty are not covered by the warranty. Any repairs related to the warranty claim are free, and a service charge will be charged for any other repairs or work.

8. Parts that are not covered by the warranty:

Parts that are damaged or do not work in normal use are not covered by the warranty, that is, the warranty cream does not apply to any damage to those parts. The following parts are Spark Plug, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Drive Chain & Socket, Brake Shoe & Pad, Brake Drum, Brake Disc, Clutch Plate, Friction Plate, Clutch Unit, Lights, Bulbs, Throttle Cable, Clutch Brake cable, Any other oil including electrical cables, fuses, relays, switches, batteries, rubber items, plastic items, drive belts, fans, gaskets, O-rings, race bearings, engine oil, fork oil, coolant, gear oil, any other oil. No warranty is given for any parts which may be damaged due to wear and tear or other wear and tear.

9. Warranty service: There is no service charge for any warranty-related service. Warranty parts are supplied free of charge after an inspection or the problem is solved by repair. (In this case, due to non-availability of parts stock or some time may be required for repair). In this case, the decision of the company concerned will be considered final.

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