Sonalika tractor price in bangladesh

 As a developing country, Bangladesh has been making a significant contribution to the growth of agricultural machinery such as tractors, power tillers, harvesters, etc.  The use of this machinery has not only modernized traditional farming but has greatly increased agricultural crop production.  One of the partners in this progress of the country is the Sanalika tractor of ACI Motors.  This handbook will focus on proper management of tractor business, expansion strategy, and proper maintenance of tractors.  Along with this, the handbook is how to plan a new business.  And give ideas on how to determine the financial considerations of the business.

Sonalika Tractor Price list 2021:

Sonalika Tractor is a popular tractor in Bangladesh. Sonalika Tractor Update Price List 2021


Model Name

TP Price

DP Price


Sonalika DI 35  H Supreme




Sonalika DI 35 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 45 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 48 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 750  Supreme




Sonalika DI 50 RX H Supreme




Sonalika DI 52 Max




Sonalika 55 All-Rounder Supreme




Sonalika DI 60 RX  Supreme




Sonalika DI 60 RX Tiger




Sonalika DI 75 RX Tiger



Maintenance of Sonalika Tractor

Sonalika tractor price in bangladesh
Sonalika Tractor 

Warranty Guidelines:

 01. Warranty of any part of the engine, gearbox, hydraulic, and transmission department of Senalika Tractor is 24 months or 2000 hours.  (Based on whichever comes first from the date of purchase) 

02. If any problem is caused due to driving by an incompetent driver, it will not be covered by warranty. 

03. If the tractor is damaged due to an accident, the damaged parts will not be covered under warranty.  

04. According to all other tractors, only Myco Villa will be responsible for the warranty of fuel pulp of Senalika tractors.  ACI will not carry any type of Savar. 

05. Electrical parts- ball, wiring, a switch will be covered under warranty.  Before purchasing a tractor, the buyer is advised to make sure that all these parts are in good condition.  

06. Engine Oil & Oil Filter, Diesel Filter, Oil Seal, Rubber Ring, Gasket, Silver Head Gasket, Hose Pipe, Belt & Nut, Lining, Brake Lining, Plastic Parts, Chain & Pin, Front & Rear Wheels, Bearings,  Etc. Parts will not fall under warranty.  

07. Battery, tire, tire tube, self-starter, alternator are outside warranty. 
08. No warranty will be given for machining and welding work.
09.  If any defect occurs in the tractor using low-quality engine oil and diesel, it will not be covered by the warranty.  
10. ACI's decision regarding the warranty will be taken unanimously.

Special Guide to Sonalika Tractors

Engine oil:

 Engine oil must first be changed every 50 hours. Then change every 250 hours.

Engine oil grade:
Engine oil grade 20w40 (Senalika engine oil) should be used.

Fuel system

Primary and secondary fuel filters need to be replaced every 50 hours and then every 250 hours.

Water Separator:
Every day the frozen water should be discarded.

Feed / AC Pump Filter:
Must be cleaned every hour.
Fuel Cock Filter (Fuel Tank Filter) It should be cleaned every 250 hours.

Cooling system:

Radiator's water must be seen every day. If water is low, it should be filled with clean water from rivers, ponds, or rain. Never be filled with tubewell water or mineral water. Radiator flash (completely clean) every 1500 hours. Have to.

Air cleaner:

Dry-type (RX model):
The outer filter should be cleaned by air every 50 hours and the outer filter should be changed every 650 hours.

 Wet type (DI model):
 Oil must first be changed in 50 hours. Then change every 250 hours.

Hydraulic system:

Hydraulic filter:
First, you have to change in 50 hours. Then change every 250 hours.

Hydraulic Stainer: 
Clean every 250 hours and change every 750 hours.

Gear oil needs to be changed every 1000 hours. Gear oil grade SAE80.

Sonalika tractor video 


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