Yanmar YH700 Price in Bangladesh

The solution to harvest more rice in less time is ACI Motors‌'s Yanmar Harvester YH700. Equipped with Smart Assist Remote System or SAR, the country's only steering wheel type harvester is the Yanmar YH700 which has the original Yanmar TNV engine which is fuel-efficient.

Yanmar YH700 Price in Bangladesh

Yanmar YH700 Price in Bangladesh :

Total Price in bd 3600000/-
Normal area government subsidy of 50% 
Only the Haor area government subsidy is 70%.

Good news for agricultural entrepreneurs. In the case of the purchase of YH700 Harvester in Yanmar. there is now a government subsidy of 15 lakh 50 thousand Tk. ( 21 lakh 60 thousand Tk in the Haor area).

With ACI Motors:

  • Free driver training.
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.
  • Nationwide spare parts assurance.

Smart Assist Remote System (SAR)

Benefits available:
  1.  Having GPS allows the machine to be tracked from anywhere.
  2. How many hours the harvester has been running can be seen sitting at home.
  3. Can be protected from theft.
  4. The machine signals when it is time for periodic service.
  5. Gives a signal in case of a sudden electrical problem. 
  6. Able to measure land size very easily.

There is no comparison to the fast harvester whose name is Yanmar harvester YH700

  • Paddy/wheat of 1.26 acres of land harvested per hour.
  • The only steering wheel in the country is the type harvester.
  • Harvester with Smart Assist Remote System SAR.
  • Particularly suitable for working in mud lands.
  • The highest ground clearance is 420 (mm).

Yanmar YH700 Price in Bangladesh
Corn cutting machine

Yanmar YH700 harvester. Corn can be easily harvested with this harvester. Maize can be harvested with this machine at a low cost to the farmer. You can also cut corn if you want. Yanmar YH700 harvester is available all over Bangladesh.

Corn cutting machine

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