rice cutting machine price in bangladesh - rice cutting machine price

 ACI Motors is one of the promising companies of ACI Limited. At present rice harvesting machine is one of the products and the price is also cheap. Launched in November 2007 to market international standard agricultural machinery. ACI Motors has ensured farm-based mechanization for farmers, which is increasing production as well as reducing production costs and introducing farmers to modern agricultural machinery.

rice cutting machine price in bangladesh - rice cutting machine price
Yammer ag600

The main problem of Bangladesh, which is advancing in agriculture today, is the labor crisis. ACI Motors has introduced ACI Combined Harvester HF1, GANGYI, Combine Harvester and Rice Transporter of South Korea's famous Dedong Company, and Reaper of Vietnam's Tarawerine in Vietnam to alleviate the labor crisis of farmers during the harvest season and reduce farmer's production costs.

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The latest addition to ACI Motors' list of agricultural machinery is the combined harvester and rice transporter of the world-famous Japanese company Yanmar. ACI Motors is marketing Senalika Tractor, India's richest tractor brand with 27 to 90 horsepower, which is being manufactured by International Tractor Limited of India, a joint venture of Yanmar, Japan, and Renault, France.ACI Motors is also marketing ACI Power Tillers and the highest quality diesel engines and marine engines of 4 to 30 horsepower from China.

rice cutting machine price in bangladesh - rice cutting machine price
Aci yammer harvester details 

In order to ensure exhibition sales and maximum after-sales service, ACI Motors has set up 8 services and sales outlets in Bogra, Comilla, Sylhet, Yasher, Rangpur, Dinajpur, Gazipur, and Barisal, which has ensured the supply of quality after-sales service as well as spare parts. In addition, ACI Motors has ensured product delivery and after-sales service through more than 200 dealers and 60 share parts centers spread across the country.

ACI Motors has a nationwide skilled service team under the supervision of elite mechanical, agricultural, and diploma engineers. ACI Motors has also been providing a tolerant loan facility keeping in view the economic position and purchasing power of the farmers. ACI Motors is committed and committed to the agricultural development and mechanization of the country.

You will get all the services of a Yanmar harvester

ACI Motors has been focusing on pre-and post-sale sales of Yanmar harvesters. As part of ACI Motors-
DI PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)
Operator Training
➡️ On Sport Service
➡️ Modern service & Training Center
➡️Service Campaign
➡️ Harvester Service Apps
➡️ Available Spare Parts
➡️ Service Van
➡️ Smart Assist
 ACI Motors is on the side of the customers for any need of the Yanmar harvester.

Price of YANMAR Combine Harvester AG600 :

The price of Yanmar Combine Harvester Tank Type Smart Assist Remote (SAR) is Tk. 36,00,000.

 2. Yanmar Combine Harvester Bag Type with Smart Assist Remote (SAR) Price Tk. 29,00,000.

YANMAR Combine Harvester AG 600 is available with a government subsidy, the price at government subsidy: 

1. Yanmar Combine Harvester Tank Type Smart Assist Remote (SAR) with 70% (for haor and coastal areas) subsidized at Tk. 11,40,000 and 50% subsidized at Tk. 17,00,000. 

2. Yanmar Combine Harvester Bag Type Smart Assist Remote (SAR) with 70% subsidy (for haor and coastal areas) at Tk. 9,40,000 and 50% subsidy at Tk. 15,00,000.

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