ACI Reaper Price In BD 2021

 ACI Reaper Harvester is a popular harvester in Bangladesh. The price of ACI Reaper is within the reach of farmers in Bangladesh. This reaper is input from ACI Motors Company. The price of the reaper is updated in 2021. The machine is a petrol engine.

ACI Reaper Usage:

Paddy and wheat can be harvested at a low cost with ACI reaper. The ACI reaper comes and thinks of the farmer economically. Popular with farmers as prices are low. If you cut the paddy with this reaper, the paddy will be stuck in rows. Later, the farmers will tie up the paddy and take it home. In the same way, wheat will grow wheat in the same process at home. The advantage of the farmer here is that the tied paddy is good for cattle feed. More work can be done with ACI reaper as mustard can be cut very easily. This mustard can cut about two bighas of mustard per hour. Farmers are benefiting a lot from this reaper. For this reason, the demand for ACI reapers is increasing in the market.

ACI Reaper Harvester Price In BD 2021
ACI Reaper

ACI Reaper Price In BD

ACI Reaper Harvester, ACI Company worth only Tk. The government is subsidizing 50% of the original price of ACI Reaper Harvester in the plain area and 70% in the haor area.

Key benefits:

  1. Able to harvest more in less time.
  2. It is possible to harvest the crop in a short time and take it home and save the crop.
  3. There is no damage during harvesting.
  4. The production cost for the use of petrol is very low.


Easy maintenance with the assurance of greater durability. Highly time-consuming, labor, and fuel-efficient. Machines can be purchased through government subsidy assistance. 60% of which is subsidized by the government.



1.5 to 2.00 bighas of paddy, wheat, and mustard can be easily harvested per hour. The reaper takes one liter of prequel oil per hour.

The ACI Reaper is a state-of-the-art crowd reaper made in Vietnam. To buy ACI Reaper, you must contact the nearest ACI Motors dealer.

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