ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades Price

 ACI power tiller 40 blades are now available in the market. ACI power tiller 40 blades price and reach.ACI Motors' New Collection ACI Power Tiller 40 blades. Today I will discuss ACI Power Tiller in front of you.

ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades Price
ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades 


At the beginning of the discussion, I will tell you what is the price of the ACI Power Tiller. Whether ACI Power Tiller is available in all the districts of Bangladesh or for those who want to purchase in different districts of Bangladesh. How can they actually purchase it? Whether the company will give a warranty or provide service support if there is a problem after purchasing it. We will also discuss in detail how many hours the service will be provided. Hopefully, inshaAllah, all the questions you have about ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades will be cleared. Let me tell you a little bit about its description. It basically uses a 28 HP Changfa engine. Which you can see. Rotavators with 40 blades are operated with an engine of 28 horsepower. And the gearbox that has been used in this is the power tiller R28 gearbox that we have used


Quality of ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades:

The Changfa engine has a quality that is a world-famous brand. This means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most powerful. And many good and spare parts are available in the engine. Also, ours is the power tiller gearbox but much more sophisticated and much stronger. A gearbox and used ACI power tiller 40 blades. For the first time in the heart of Bangladesh, ACI Motors is bringing 40 blades of ACI Power Tiller to help the soil and people of Bangladesh to work or make work easily available. This rotavator has been brought here as many power tillers we have seen before but it is seen that there was a chain system on the site of the gearbox. The chain breaks when it is old or overloaded. And 40 blades power tiller has a pinion system. For this, the power of the engine goes well in the rotavator.

ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades Price

Price of this product: 290,000 / - (Changeable)

The price of this power tiller is as good as the work efficiency.

ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades
ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades

Advantages of 40 Blades Power Tiller:

Good for ACI Power Tiller 40 Blades This tiller has 40 blades at once. Where we can cultivate the land quickly. And it has a pinion system on the site of the gearbox. For this, the power gets better in the rotavator. Not easily spoiled.

Engine Specification:


Name of engine method



Engine Model

GN Type


Rated Engine Power

28 HP / 21 KW


Rated Engine Speed

2500/2800 rpm


Rotary Tiller Blade Speed

High: 280, Low: 220


Fuel Filter

Duel Filter (Primary and Secondary)


Fuel Consumption

1-1.5 liter Rated RPM, 2.4 liters per hour.


Cooling System



Turning Speed

Low: 199-202 (According to driving speed).


Starting System

Manual Cranking Type.


Gear Box

Six-Speed ​​Forward, Two Speed ​​Reverse.



Double Friction Flat of Constant Combination.


Brake System

Disc Type.


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