ACI Power Tiller R28 Price in Bangladesh

There are many power tillers available in Bangladesh. ACI Power Tiller is one of them. There are some features of the ACI Power Tiller that I will discuss with you today. Let me say at the outset that ACI power tillers are power blades of many blades, 18 blades, 24 blades, 28 blades, and 40 blades.

aci power tiller r28 price in bangladesh
aci power tiller

Specification of power tiller

There are 16 horse engines with 18 blades fitted. There are 20 horses with 24 blades. 26 horse engines were used on 28 blades and 28 horse engines on 40 blades.

18 Blade Power Tiller

The 18 Blade ACI Power Tiller is a small power tiller that makes the engine very powerful and very robust.

24 Blade Power Tiller

Medium power tiller of 24-blade ACI power tiller which is used for cultivating different lands. Fertile soil can be leveled by applying cedar to this power tiller.

Aci Power Tiller R28 Power Tiller

This power tiller has some extra features that can be replaced by 30 blades instead of 28 blades. The blades of this 30-blade tractor's rotavator can be fitted. As a result, the same land is cultivated like a tractor. For which the demand for this power tiller is very high.

price 235000/-(Changeable)

40 Blade Power Tiller

The quality of this power tiller is that a power tiller uses 40 blades together. It takes very little time to cultivate the land. Just like a tractor. This power tiller is in great demand in the market now. That is why ACI Power Tiller is one of the power tillers in the market.

price 290,000/-(Changeable)

side pinion

The 40-blade power tiller has some more qualities. That is, a pinion has been used instead of a side chain. For which the gearbox is very strong. 40 Blade Power Tiller is a powerful power tiller. This is why it is known as the powerful power tiller in the market.

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                               ACI power tiller R28


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