aci power tiller r40

Currently, a sensational product ACI is the power tiller r40. Cheap in terms of price. Which has already received a lot of response in the market. This product is currently being marketed by ACI motors ltd. This power tiller came first in Bangladesh's price.

aci power tiller r40
ACI power tiller r40


ACI Motors' new flagship, a 40-blade R40 power tiller to speed up agricultural work. The irresistible power of 28 horse engines and 40 blades gives 117% more cultivation than a typical tiller. Also, the pinion rotary shaft will keep the tiller in high load. Farmer Brothers, use Tiller's BOSS, R40 Power Tiller for cultivation. This power tiller uses a side pinion for which the gearbox is very strong. No company has ever been able to market such a power tiller. Only ACI company has brought 40 blade power tillers to the market.

aci power tiller r40
side pinion

Some words about ACI power tiller r40

By purchasing an ACI power tiller r40, farmers will be able to cultivate the land very easily just like a tractor. Which can cultivate more land in less time. This power tiller is now available in all districts of Bangladesh. If you want you can buy from the nearest ACI dealer point.

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