Sonalika Tractor Brake Drum

Brake method:

It is a method of controlling the speed of a moving wheel or wheels as needed slowly or quickly.
The purpose of this method is to stop the car when needed.
In the case of tractors, the brake system is very simple compared to other vehicles. It uses two types.
Such as 1. Dry-type brakes
2. Oil-type brake.

sonalika tractor brake drum
Brakes Method

1. Dry-type brakes:

In this method, the brake drum comes in two brake liners on either side of the brake discs in the middle and the brake discs will have five steel balls in them and the brake discs will be stuck by five springs. And the housing should be kept 2 mm below the surface and the top of the brake drum should not be too tight or too loose. If it is too tight, the brakes will hang.

2. Oil-type brake: 

This is called an oil brake which has a line of gear oil with the brake drum. It has to be fitted with 3 intermediate plates and 4 friction plates. (2 + 2) 4 will sit down and (2 + 1) 3 will sit up. And the middle of the drum will be filled with full gear oil.

Various problems with brakes:



The reasons


The break is not happening at all.

The paddle linkage is broken or run.


The brakes are getting lower.

1. The brake setting is not correct, meaning the spring of the linkage is loose.
2. The springs between the brake drums have reduced the tension.


The brakes get stuck.

1. The spring of the brake pedal i.e. the linkage is loose.
2. The tension between the springs between the brake drums is reduced.
3. Linkage is getting stuck.


The sound is when the brakes.

1. Loose rivet of the brake lining.
2. Brake lining is corroded.
3. Brake discs are uneven or corroded.
4. Anything outside is stuck in the brake line.
5. There is no part loose in the brake system.


The brake drum is overheated.

1. Run with the foot on the brake pedal.
2. Twist with brake pressure without cutting the steering completely during cultivation.
3. Hold down the brake pedal.
4. Adjust more by adjusting the bolt tight.

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