Motorcycles blue book-Nada Motorcycles blue book.

Welcome to the Yamaha world of motorcycling!

As the owner of the Model MT03-A, you are benefiting from Yamaha's vast experience and newest technology regarding the design and manufacture of high-quality products, which have earned Yamaha a reputation for dependability. Please take the time to read this manual thoroughly, so as to enjoy all advantages of your MTN320-A. The Owner's Manual does not only instruct you on how to operate, inspect, and maintain your motorcycle, but also on how to safeguard yourself and others from trouble and injury.

In addition, the many tips given in this manual will help keep your motorcycle in the best possible condition. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your Yamaha dealer. The Yamaha team wishes you many safe and pleasant rides. So, remember to put safety first! Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality. 

Motorcycles blue book-Nada Motorcycles blue book. Yamaha mt3
Yamaha mt03 right view

While this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your motorcycle and this manual. If there is any question concerning this manual, please consult a Yamaha dealer.

Motorcycles blue book-Nada Motorcycles blue book.
Yamaha mt3

Motorcycles blue book-Nada Motorcycles blue book.
Yamaha MT03

Motorcycles blue book
Yamaha MT03

Safety information :

Be a Responsible Owner:

As the vehicle's owner, you are responsible for the safe and proper operation of your motorcycle.
Motorcycles are single-track vehicles. Their safe use and operation are dependent upon the use of proper riding techniques as well as the expertise of the operator. Every operator should know the following requirements before riding this motorcycle. He or she should:

  • Obtain thorough instructions from a competent source on all aspects of motorcycle operation. 
  • Observe the warnings and maintenance requirements in this Owner's Manual. 
  • Obtain qualified training in safe and proper riding techniques. Obtain professional technical service as indicated in this Owner's Manual and/or when made necessary by mechanical conditions.

  • Never operate a motorcycle without proper training or instruction. Take a training course. Beginners should receive training from a certified instructor. Contact an authorized motorcycle dealer to find out about the training courses nearest you.

          Safe Riding:

          Perform the pre-operation checks each time you use the vehicle to make sure it is in safe operating condition. Failure to inspect or maintain the vehicle properly increases the possibility 
          of an accident or equipment damage. See pages 4-1 for a list of pre-operation checks. 

          • This motorcycle is designed to carry the operator and a passenger.
          • The failure of motorists to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is the predominant cause of automobile/motorcycle accidents. Many accidents have been caused by an automobile drivers who did not see the motorcycle. Making yourself conspicuous appears to be very effective in reducing the chance of this type of accident.


          • Wear a brightly colored jacket.
          • Use extra caution when approaching and passing through intersections since intersections are the most likely places for motorcycle accidents. 
          • Ride where other motorists can see you. Avoid riding in another motorist's blind spot.
          • Never maintain a motorcycle without proper knowledge. Contact an authorized motorcycle dealer to inform you about basic motorcycle maintenance. Certain maintenance can only be carried out by certified staff.

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