aci combine harvester price and profit

ACI Combine Harvester Price And Profit

Once the machine is purchased, the government will provide 70% subsidy in the Haor area with a market value of Tk 19.60 lakh and 50% in other areas with a market value of Tk 14 lakh. The government will provide Rs 6 lakh for HF2 harvesters.

yanmar harvester
aci yanmar harvester

1. Yanmar tank-type price: Taka. 2,950,000 / -
2. Yanma bag-type price: Taka. 2,600,000 / -
3. HF-02 Harvester Price: Taka. 1,200,000/ -

yanmar harvester
aci yanmar harvester

The efficiency of the Yanmar harvester:

1 hour three bighas this machine can cut and thresh the paddy of the land and load it in the tank. Lots of affordable. This device is very effective during the rice harvest season when there is a labor crisis. This combine harvester can cut the paddy by lying on 8-inch mud and saving water. Will cut nicely.

Prices can be raised in a few seasons by paying rent. ACI MOTORS LIMITED is importing these combine harvesters. Contact the nearest Upazila Agriculture Office to get the subsidized price.

For more information on Combine Harvester, Purchase, Service Services, and other information you can contact - (01729-887439) .


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